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Super Pogo 2 Pogo Stick

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Super Pogo 2 Pogo Stick

Overall Rating: 9.6/10

The Flybar Super Pogo 2 pogo stick is a great transition stick from beginner pogo sticks to big air pogo sticks. The Super Pogo 2 has a classic steel spring, which can make it more reliable and less likely to break. Durability is also one of the Super Pogo 2's stronger points, and the Pogo 2 can last for many years. I have rarely ever heard of the Super Pogo 2 breaking or falling apart in any way. The price of the Super Pogo 2 pogo stick also makes it attractive, as it costs much less than some of the more advertised pogo sticks, such as the Flybar 1200.

The recommended weight class for the Super Pogo 2 is 100-200 pounds, yet this can be stretched a little as the Super Pogo 2 can definitely support people of a higher weight. When you first receive the Super Pogo 2, the spring will most likely be very stiff. However, this goes away in a few days as the pogo stick gets more use and as the spring loosens up. Surprisingly, the Super Pogo 2 also has the ability to achieve heights up to 4 feet high. Although this is not as high as some of the big air sticks, 4 feet is still a lot of height and is sufficient for most people. The Super Pogo 2 pogo stick is an wonderful choice for those users who are looking to move past the beginner pogo sticks, yet do not want to try the most advanced pogo sticks.

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Final Thoughts: In all honesty, the Super Pogo 2 is probably my favorite stick out there. The Super Pogo's durability is incredible, it achieves pretty awesome height, and is the perfect weight. Unless you are a beginner, I would strongly suggest the Super Pogo 2 as a valuable choice for any user.