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Super Pogo 1505 Pogo Stick

Super Pogo 1505 Pogo Stick

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

One of the best pogo sticks out there, the Super Pogo 1505 performs well in all categories. It has great durability, and can last many years for the average user. Rarely do you hear of this pogo stick suffering any problems or defects, and the Super Pogo is extremely well-built. That being said, it's good to note that the Super Pogo is not built for the small. The minimum weight requirement is 120 pounds, and that is pushing it. The spring system is a classic one, and the Super Pogo's spring is a tad stiff, especially when you first start using it. However, this allows for the massive air that this pogo stick can obtain.

The Super Pogo 1505 pogo stick is not built for children, or lighter people. It can support almost all adults and teens, and is a great pogo stick for those older pogo-stickers who are unable to use the smaller, children-oriented pogo sticks. The Super Pogo is also one of the best pogo sticks for providing a workout, and will have you in shape in no time. Its considerable air time will allow you to perform all the tricks you want, for those more serious users.

Keep in mind that the metal sides of this pogo stick will bruise up your legs, unless you purchase some type of extra padding. Luckily, this will go away during the first few weeks of use, as your legs adjust to it. Other than that, the Super Pogo 1505 pogo stick doesn't have any big drawbacks. Being produced by Flybar, you can be assured that it is of the best quality. It is important to remember that this pogo stick shouldn't be purchased for children or lighter teens and adults. If you are looking for a serious, enjoyable pogo stick that will last you for a very long time, the Super Pogo 1505 pogo stick is your best bet.

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