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Razor BoGo Pogo Stick

Razor BoGo Pogo Stick

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Chiefly aimed at older children and lighter teens, the Razor BoGo pogo stick is fairly unknown pogo stick compared to some of the bigger pogo stick companies, such as Flybar and Vurtego. The BoGo pogo is manufactured by Razor, a popular name among scooters. It seems as if Razor tried to take a step into the pogo stick world with the Razor stick. Costing around 70 dollars, this stick is a great bang for its buck.

The Razor BoGo's maximum weight capacity is 140 pounds. Although it is not specified, the Razor stick's minimum is probably around 45 to 50 pounds. This is perfect for kids who feel as if some of the beginner pogo sticks are not for them, and want to move on to some bigger air pogo sticks that are still within their abilities. The Razor BoGo pogo stick is a great solution.

The main problem with the Razor stick is the look of it. It has an odd way of bouncing, in which a bow-assisted spring propels the stick up and down. This can definitely look odd at times. However, I have yet to hear of any problems with the Razor BoGo and with its bow-shaped spring (Razor Stick Video). While the Razor BoGo pogo stick is great for young teens and children, it probably shouldn't be purchased if your child has little to no experience with pogo sticks. Similar to the Super Pogo 2, the Razor stick provides a nice stepping stone from children pogo sticks to adult-sized pogo sticks.

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Final Thoughts: I believe that the concept behind the Razor stick is a very intersting idea. The bow-assisted spring allows for a decent amount of air-height to be optained, yet seems somewhat fragile. However, overall the Razor stick seems to be a solid choice for anybody within the weight limits. I definitely would not push the weight limits. Other than that, I think that the Razor stick is a revolutional pogo stick that could change the makeup of pogo sticks for many years to come, and would recommend it to most people.