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Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Pogo Stick

Grow-to-Pro Pogo Stick

Overall Rating:6.6/10

The Fischer-Price Grow-to-Pro pogo stick is suited well for beginners. In fact, if your child has any experience with pogo sticks, this is not for that person at all. The Grow-to-Pro is simply just meant for children. This pogo stick is designed for children who are touching a pogo stick for the first time, and it performs its job very well. Its max weight limit is 60 pounds however, so if your child is above this weight limit, you might want to consider buying the Foam Maverick or Foam Master pogo stick.

The Grow-to-Pro's whole layout is meant for children. It has two bases which can be adjusted according to their skill level: A wide base, and an average-sized base. This is hugely helpful to those who have never bounced on a pogo stick before. The two bases also allow for progression from the wider base to the smaller base. The Grow-to-Pro stick also has smaller handles and wide foot pedals, suited for a child. This pogo stick can't achieve air height any higher than half a foot, which is great for beginners. The Fischer-Price Grow-to-Pro pogo stick should not be purchased for your child if they are over 10 years old, weighs more than 60 pounds, or has used a pogo stick before. If your child meets these criteria, then the Grow-to-Pro pogo is a great stick to begin pogo-sticking on.

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