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Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Foam Master Pogo Stick

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

The Foam Master is perhaps one of the best, most balanced pogo sticks out there. It performs well in almost every category. The Foam Master is definitely one of the lighter pogo sticks, and bouncing on the stick is very easy. It is also designed for easy balance, as most users of the Foam Master are beginner or intermediate pogo stick users. Its durability is amazing too, and can last you many years. I once had a Foam Master pogo stick for over three years, and it still hopped along fine. The only large concern I have seen with the Foam Master is the wearing down of the rubber tips. Luckily, these tips can be easily replaced, and many models come with extra tips.

I have had the Foam Master for a long time, and it is my favorite pogo stick. It bounces high enough so that tricks can be performed on it if needed, but not so that the pogo stick is unsafe to use for smaller children. Perhaps my favorite part of the Foam Master is its foam covering. This gets rid of the pain that you get on the inside on your legs when using other pogo sticks without a foam covering.

This pogo stick is more suited for children and teens as it does not allow for adjustability with the weight of the user. However, I have known many adults who have used the Foam Master pog stick with ease. Overall, I would recommend this pogo stick to anyone, both the experienced and inexperienced.

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