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Which Pogo Sticks Are Good for Kids?

A question that I commonly receive is, "Which pogo stick do you think would be best for my kids?" With all the advanced technology being used in pogo sticks today, it makes you question how safe these pogo sticks are, especially when little kids are using them. The last thing you want is for your kid to get injured while jumping 3 to 4 feet high on a Vurtego V3. That is why, when starting off, you should always purchase a beginner to intermediate pogo stick for your children.

A couple of options for you include the Flybar Foam Master or the Flybar Foam Maverick. Both are great sticks which are designed for children. The Foam Maverick is a bit more geared toward younger and lighter children, while the Foam Master can support kids up to around 140 pounds with ease. Another common pogo stick for kids is the Fischer-Price Grow-to-Pro pogo stick. The best part about the Grow-to-Pro is that it you can adjust the base of the pogo stick as your child progresses and achieves better balance. However, the Grow-to-Pro pogo stick is mainly suited towards beginners who have never touched a pogo stick before, and the max weight it supports is 60 pounds. Any of these three pogo sticks would serve as wonderful progression tools and would be great for any kid.