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Which Pogo Sticks Are Good for Girls?

A frequent question I receive is, "Which pogo stick works bests for girls?" There are no pogo sticks built specifically for girls, so there is no "best pogo stick" for girls. However, the pogo sticks built for children usually tend to suffice for both boys and girls. The Flybar Foam Maverick usually work great for girls. The Foam Master works equally as well, while supporting a heavier weight. I would not suggest the Fischer-Price Grow-to-Pro as I just do not believe it to be a good pogo stick, especially for girls.

For all those women looking to try pogo sticks, you'll have to make do with a lighter and less intense pogo stick. The Flybar 1200 and the Vurtego V3 would probably not be suitable for women. Instead, the female folk should look to pogo sticks such as the Flybar 800 and the Super Pogo 2. Both these sticks can support users of various weights, from fairly light to fairly heavy. If you are a woman looking for a pogo stick, either of these will do perfectly.