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Which Is the Best Pogo Stick for Adults?

As the popularity of pogo sticks with adults has risen, more companies have begun to produce pogo sticks that are built for adults, and can accommodate heavy riders. This is great for many adults who, for a long time, have wanted to try pogo sticks again but they were unable to do so since the past pogo sticks were designed for children. However, with the increases in technology, pogo sticks are currently being made to support heavier and older riders. If you are an adult searching for the best pogo stick for yourself, you might want to keep a few things in mind.

The weight parameters of the pogo stick are vital. If the pogo stick has a weight limit of 130 pounds, you can be pretty sure that that stick is designed for children, light teens, or maybe women. The Super Pogo 2 is an exception. Although the weight guidelines say 100-200 pounds, this definitely can be stretched a little higher. I would probably recommend the Super Pogo 2 the most for adults, but the Flybar 1200 or the Vurtego V3 are also good choices. Overall, as long as the spring is tight and the stick is sturdy, a lot of pogo sticks designed for younger kids will also support adults.