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Which is Better: Flybar or Vurtego?

Quite possibly the most contested debate among pogo stick enthusiasts at the moment, the controversy over Flybar versus Vurtego is surely interesting. Flybar, the giant in the pogo stick world, is the founder of big air pogo sticking, after coming out with the Flybar 1200 in 2004. Then, soon after, Vurtego began producing high quality huge air pogo sticks, making the V2 and the V3 popular names in the pogo stick community. Currently, both Flybar and Vurtego seem to be battling it out as to who will reign over the big air pogo sticks. There are pogo stickers on both sides, making equally valid points. In my opinion, if you are buying a pogo stick, unless you are an extreme pogo stick user, any Flybar pogo stick will be a solid choice.

The Flybar enthusiasts are usually more traditional big air pogo stick users. They purchased the Flybar 1200 when it first came out and were amazed at its capabilities. Since then, these users have not looked back, saying that the Flybar 1200 is a much more solid pogo stick, and has been strong for 7 or more years. Flybar also has a reputation for producing great pogo sticks. After all, Flybar did have to rise to the top of the pogo stick world somehow. Among the beginner pogo sticks, there is almost no debate. Flybar trumps any company involved in kids' pogo sticks at the moment.

Vurtego is a company that really only produces one major product: the Vurtego big air pogo stick, or V3. Vurtego users say the V3 is much lighter than the 1200 and much more durable, among other points (There is a strong V3 following at Xpogo). This is slightly true; the Flybar 1200 has had problems with thrusters breaking. However, the chief reason Vurtego has been unable to beat out Flybar is because it is a relatively obscure company. I can bet you that in the coming years though, Vurtego will most likely beat out Flybar and become the top producer of big air pogo sticks.