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What Are "Extreme" Pogo Sticks?

An extreme pogo stick would be classified as any pogo stick that utilizes a different spring than the classical one, and as a pogo stick that can achieve significant air height while jumping. Extreme pogo sticks are becoming more and more popular among many users of pogo sticks, along with the sport of extreme pogo sticking (For more info on extreme pogoing, check out XPogo). In order to achieve the necessary air time needed to perform tricks, practitioners of extreme pogoing must use pogo sticks that are mobile, fairly light, and get them decent height. "Extreme" pogo sticks do this.

Some extreme pogo sticks include the Flybar 1200 and the Vurtego V3. Both these sticks can achieve heights over 5 feet high, and both utilize unique springs. The Flybar 1200 has large rubber bands, while the Vurtego V3 has an air spring. Both are great pogo sticks for any extreme pogo sticker to try tricks on. Two other pogo sticks that are fairly "extreme" include the Super Pogo 2 and the Razor BoGo. The best part about both these pogo sticks is that they are great for both the extreme pogo stick user and for the casual user. The Flybar 1200 and the Vurtego V3 should only be bought if you really want to get into extreme pogoing.