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Should I get a Flybar 800 or a Flybar 1200?

Two very similar pogo sticks, the Flybar 800 and the Flybar 1200, are both extremely popular pogo sticks. Probably the most recognizable and well-known Flybar stick ever produced, the Flybar 1200 was an innovation for its time. With the large rubber band system, the Flybar 1200 was one of the first pogo sticks to ever achieve very large heights, and still holds the record with Fred Grzybowski's massive jump breaking 8 feet. Of course, the Flybar 1200 was really only meant for grown men, and to appeal to the smaller crowd, Flybar came out with the 800.

The Flybar 800 is based off the Flybar 1200, and shares many similarities with the original. The 800, however, does have a smaller frame, weighs less, and is definitely suited more towards the lighter folk. Don't be discouraged, though! The Flybar 800 still achieves air heights of up to 4 feet high. This is probably sufficient for most people, unless you are going for big air tricks.

When choosing between the Flybar 800 and the 1200, one should definitely consider a couple of factors. For sure, if you are lighter, you might enjoy the 800 better than the Flybar 1200. Also, the Flybar 800 is about 80 dollars cheaper than the 1200, averaging around 200 dollars. In my opinion, the only reason to go with the Flybar 1200 is if you consider yourself to be a more advanced pogo sticker or if you weigh more. If you don't fit in with those two factors, then the Flybar 800 will probably be more suited for you. The other alternative to both these pogo sticks is the Flybar Super Pogo 2, one of my personal favorites.