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Are Pogo Sticks Safe?

For some reason, many people seem to regard pogo sticks as relatively dangerous toys, and many parents are fearful of their children getting hurt on a pogo stick. This fear is not without cause, as improper use of pogo sticks can definitely lead to injury. Slipping off the pogo stick is a common problem with any stick, but doesnít really result in any serious injuries. Occasionally, the tips of some pogo sticks come undone, and that can cause the pogo stick to slip out from under the user. This problem can be prevented by checking the tip of your pogo stick every so often.

Knee injuries are not too common, but they can result from a bail when high up in the air. Bouncing on any pogo stick should not alone produce knee injuries, as the pogo stick itself reduces impact. Wrist or elbow injuries occurring from bails are possible also. Head injuries almost never happen unless trying a drastic trick. This can be prevented by a helmet. Pogo sticks are not unsafe toys, and they were designed with the safety of the user in mind. It is only when the owner of the pogo stick performs something reckless that injuries occur. As long as you remember to wear a helmet, donít try to do something beyond your comfort zone, and use common sense, bouncing on any pogo stick should not result in any injuries.